Major Milestones
13 May
DBN, a subsidiary of Dialog, completed the acquisition of Sky Television and Radio Network (Private) Limited (Sky TV) at a consideration of SLR800 million (equivalent to USD6.35 million). In accordance with the SPA, Sky TV was amalgamated with DBN on 3 July 2013.

16 May
XL entered into a joint venture with SK Planet Co Ltd and SK Planet Global Holdings Pte Ltd by incorporating a new limited liability company, PT XL Planet Digital Tbk.

4 July
Celcom entered into a Master Collaboration Agreement with Altel Communications Sdn Bhd for the purpose of collaborating to develop, establish, build, operate and manage shared infrastructure for the provision of communication services in Malaysia.

2 September
Celcom entered into a one year Memorandum of Understanding with MY E.G. Services Bhd. to jointly explore possible business opportunities and collaboration in the areas of e-Government services delivery and joint go-to-market for specific target market segments.

26 September
XL entered into a conditional sale and purchase agreement with Saudi Telecom Company (STC) and Teleglobal Investments B.V., a 100%-owned subsidiary of STC, to purchase (or procure the purchase of) the entire issued share capital of PT Axis Telekom Indonesia, a 100%-owned subsidiary of STC, for a total cash consideration of USD865 million based on Axis’s 100% enterprise value (on a cash free and debt free basis).

18 October
Celcom completed the divestment of its entire stake in Celcom Childcare Sdn Bhd to Early Impression Sdn Bhd.

22 October
Axiata announced key appointments in edotco Group, Axiata Group Chief Financial Officer, James Maclaurin vacates his post to move to a new strategic business unit, edotco, as Chief Executive Officer. Joining him were Nashad Emir and Thivanka Rangala, both internal talent from within the Group, as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. The appointments which took effect from 1 January 2014, were part of the Group’s Talent Management Programme, where identified talent is rotated and moved across OpCos for exposure and experience in different Axiata companies and markets.

January 2012
Launched AYTP, a developmental scholarship for young Malaysians, going beyond academics. Axiata will be investing at least RM100 million towards the programme via the Axiata Foundation.

February 2012
Axiata together with the Badminton Asia Confederation (BAC) and Total Sports Asia (TSA), announced the Axiata Cup, the world's richest prize money team event of USD1 million.

June 2012
Etisalat, divested 9.1% of their shares in XL through an accelerated book build offering to institutional investors. This led to an increase in XL's public float from 20.2% to 33.5%. XL continued its focus in the data business and invested further in end-to-end network and infrastructure, with more than 11,000 new BTS successfully installed in 2012.

June 2012
Axiata completed the incorporation of Axiata SPV2 Berhad, a public company limited by shares, under the Companies Act, 1965.

June 2012
Hello completed the incorporation of Axiata Towers (Cambodia) Company Limited (ATC), a private company limited by shares to undertake activities and operations related to telecommunication infrastructure.

June 2012
ATC was granted a 30-year tower operating licence from the Government of Cambodia

July 2012
Axiata successfully priced its inaugural issuance of a 2-year RMB1 billion Sukuk via its wholly-owned Malaysian incorporated special purpose vehicle, Axiata SPV2 Berhad. The Sukuk issuance is issued under Axiata's Multi-Currency Sukuk programme with an aggregate nominal value of up to USD1.5 billion or its equivalent in other currencies.

September 2012
Axiata was accorded the 'Emas' status by Bank Negara Malaysia for its inaugural issuance of a 2-year RMB1 billion Sukuk.

October 2012
Axiata completed the incorporation of Axiata SPV3 Sdn Bhd, a private company limited by shares, under the Companies Act, 1965.

October 2012
Robi, via Axiata Investments (Labuan) Limited, incorporated a new subsidiary, Bangladesh Infrastructure Company Limited (BICL) a public company limited by shares, under the Companies Act, 1994 of the Republic of Bangladesh.

December 2012
Axiata and its wholly-owned subsidiary, AIC entered into an SPA with Timeturns Holdings Limited to acquire Glasswool, the sole owner of Latelz. The operations of Hello and Latelz were merged as one combined entity, operating under the brand name 'Smart'. On 19 February 2013, the acquisition and the transfer of Hello's telecommunication business and assets were completed.

December 2012
Dialog entered into an investment agreement for the acquisition of 26% equity interest in Digital Commerce Lanka (Private) Ltd. (Digital), after which Digital became an associate of the Group.

December 2011
Dialog entered into share purchase agreement with the shareholders of Suntel Ltd for the acquisition of the entire ordinary shares in issue in Suntel Ltd.

28 April 2010
Axiata SPV1 issued USD300 million aggregate principal amount of 5.375% Notes Due in 2020 guaranteed by Axiata payable semi annually in arrears on 28 October each year commencing 28 October 2010 (Notes). The Notes were listed and quoted on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 29 April 2010 and the Labuan International Financial Exchange on 7 May 2010.

14 April 2010
Indocel reduced its shareholding in XL to 66.69% through the exercise of an international private placement of 19.8% in XL in order to increase public shareholding spread of XL shares.

8 April 2010
M1 changed its name to M1 Limited.

March 2009
TMI changed its name to Axiata Group Berhad.

October 2008
TMI through TMI Mauritius increased its stake in Spice to 49% as a result of the mandatory general offer of Spice undertaken as part of the Spice-Idea merger, which has yet to be completed.

August 2008
TMI India through TMI Mauritius acquired a 14.99% stake in Indian cellular company Idea and announced a merger of Spice with Idea.

28 April 2008
TMI was listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

25 April 2008
TMI was demerged from TM, resulting in the acquisition of 100% stake in Celcom and 51.0% stake in SunShare. TMI also acquired 16.81% and 49% additional stakes in XL and SunShare respectively from Khazanah.

December 2007
TMI, through TMIL, entered into a shareholders' agreement with Etisalat Indonesia in relation to the acquisition of 15.97% equity interest in XL by Etisalat Indonesia from Bella Sapphire Ventures Ltd.

September 2007
Dialog acquired the remaining 10.0% of the total issued and paid-up share capital in Dialog TV, which resulted in Dialog TV becoming wholly-owned by Dialog.

July 2007
Spice was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Due to the issuance of new shares by Spice in its IPO, TMI state was reduced to 39.2%.

June 2007
Indocel increased its shareholding in XL to 67.0% by a purchase of additional shares from AIF (Indonesia) Ltd.

December 2006
Dialog, through Dialog TV, entered into a share sale and purchase agreement for the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of CBNP and CBNSP from Muhunthan Canagasooryam and Niranjan Canagasooryam.

October 2006
Casacom changed its name to TMIC.

September 2006
TMI through TMIL entered into a share sale agreement with Nasser Khan Ghazi to acquire an additional 11.0% equity interest in Multinet.

September 2006
Dialog acquired 90.0% of the total issued and paid-up share capital of Dialog TV (then known as Asset Media (Private) Limited) from Nihal Seneviratne Epa and Lasantha Joseph Milroy Peiris.

June 2006
Indocel increased its shareholding in XL to 59.7% via a purchase of additional shares from AIF (Indonesia) Ltd.

March 2006
TMI acquired the entire equity interest of TMI India (then known as DCIL), which had a 49.0% equity interest in Spice.

February 2006
TMI purchased the remaining 49.0% of Casacom (now known as TMIC) from Samart, and Casacom became a wholly-owned subsidiary of TMI.

February 2006
TMI obtained a 24.4% stake in SIM from SIM's parent company, Samart. In addition, TMI has a 18.9% stake in Samart and Samart in turn holds 54.1% in SIM.

December 2005
Dialog acquired 100% of DBN (then known as MTT Network (Private) Limited).

December 2005
TMI, through TMIL, acquired a 49.0% ownership interest in MTCE through a transfer from TRI , a wholly-owned subsidiary of Celcom.

October 2005
Indocel increased its shareholding in XL to 56.9% through the exercise of its call and put option.

October 2005
TMI, through SunShare, acquired 12.1% of the equity shares in M1 from Great Eastern Telecommunications Ltd. Prior to March 2006, SunShare made on-market purchases, bringing its total equity interest in M1 to 29.8%.

September 2005
XL was listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange (now known as the Indonesia Stock Exchange).

September 2005
A restated joint venture and shareholders' agreement was entered into by SunShare, TMI, Khazanah and TM, as a new party to the earlier agreement, to participate in the affairs of SunShare.

August 2005
TMI, Khazanah and SunShare entered into a joint venture and shareholders' agreement to establish SunShare as a joint venture company for the acquisition of equity interest in M1.

July 2005
Dialog was listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange.

June 2005
Indocel acquired an additional 4.2% equity interest in XL from Rogan Partners, Inc.

February 2005
TMI, through TMI L, entered into a share sale agreement to acquire a 78% stake in Multinet from Nasser Khan Ghazi and Adnan Asdar.

January 2005
TMI, through TMIL, acquired the entire equity interest of Indocel, which had a 23.1% equity interest in XL.

May 1998
TMI via TM purchased 51.0% of Cambodia Samart Communication Company Limited (Casacom) (now known as TMIC) from Samart.

November 1996
Sunpower Systems (Private) Limited divested its stake in MTN (now known as Dialog) to TMI, which resulted in Dialog becoming wholly owned by TMI.

October 1996
TMIB was incorporated in Bangladesh as a joint venture company between A.K. Khan & Co. Ltd. and TM.

February 1994
A joint venture agreement was entered into between TMI and Sunpower Systems (Private) Limited to set up Dialog (then known as MTN).