Ranking against regional peers1:

  • No 2 in Customer Base,
  • No 4 in Revenue
  • No 5 in Market Capitalisation

Footprint expansion into
two new countries:

  • Nepal through the acquisition of No 1 mobile operator Ncell
  • Myanmar via edotco

Advancing Asia across
10 countries2

Serving almost 300 million subscribers3 across Asia

All-time highest Revenue
RM19.9 billion in 2015

Highest ever PATAMI
RM2.6 billion in 2015

24 Digital Brands

edotco 14th largest tower
company in the world

More than 25,000 employees
across Asia

1 Notes / assumptions on ranking:

  • Axiata customer base, revenue and market capitalization are benchmarked against regional peers with footprint within the Southeast Asia and South Asia region.
  • Revenue adjusted based on LTM at 31 Dec 2015 and Forex rate conversion of average 1 Jan 2015 – 31 Dec 2015.
  • Market Capitalization based on Bloomberg forex adjusted to RM on last trading day closest to 31 Dec 2015.

2 Number of mobile operators as of April 2016
3 Number of subscribers as of June 2016