Long-Term Group Value Creation Model

Creating Value as One of Asia’s Leading Telecommunications Groups

Financial Capital

Financial Capital

Our Financial Capital is defined as the pool of funds available to us.

Key Inputs
  • Axiata is the sixth largest listed entity on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. As our business relies upon the financial capital provided by shareholders and investors, it strives to maximise shareholder value through dividends and the shareholder return policy.
Activities & Processes to Create Value
  • Cost Management Programme, with RM800 million in operating expenditure (opex) and capital expenditure (capex) savings built into our 2017 plan
  • Strengthening our balance sheet via management of US Dollar denominated debt
  • Portfolio rebalancing equity partnerships with Bharti Airtel Limited, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (Diperbadankan) and Mitsui Co., Ltd
Operating Revenue RM21.6 billion +1.1x RM24.4 billion
Share Price 2016 RM4.72, 2017 RM5.49
EBITDA 2016 RM0.7 billion, 2017 RM2.6 billion
Market Capitalisation 2016 RM42.3 billion, 2017 RM49.7 billion
PAT 2016 Approximately 275 million, 2017 Approximately 350 million
Divided Per Share 2016 8.0 sen, 2017 8.5 sen

Creating Value as Digital Talent Factory

Human Capital

Human Capital

Our Human Capital comprises our people who are Axiata’s key resource to sustain our efforts towards our vision of being a New Generation Digital Champion.

Key Inputs
  • Our approximately 27,000 employees across our footprint and businesses are a pivotal part of Axiata’s business model, with competent individuals who are customer oriented and innovation driven, contributing to the success of our business. Across the Group, policies and practices are implemented to attract and retain top talent. As an organisation, Axiata is focused on talent development.
Activities & Processes to Create Value
  • Investing in our employees’ career development, including skillset training and leadership development initiatives such as:
    • Group Accelerated Development Programme (GADP)
    • OpCo Accelerated Development Programme (OADP)
  • Establishment and review of succession planning to identify and guide internal talent towards leading the company with the Group Talent Management Framework
  • Our external : internal hiring ratio has shifted from 78:22 to 40:60 since 2009, demonstrating our commitment to internal talent development and leadership growth across the Group.
  • To compete in the digital era and to progress in our digital transformation journey, we aim to complement our internal talent with external talent, especially from non-telco backgrounds

Creating Value through Trust and Customer Experience

Intellectual Capital

Our Intellectual Capital covers our key intangible resources which differentiate us in the marketplace.

Key Inputs
  • Our strong brand equity and trust, coupled with our unique engagement models have earned us a widely acknowledged social reputation across the region. To achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, we are continuously enhancing our portfolio of digital products and services. Axiata’s achievements within this sphere is evident through the international awards and accolades our Group and OpCos receive each year.
Activities & Processes to Create Value
  • Triple Core Strategy approach offering growth areas within Digital Telco, Digital Businesses and Infrastructure
  • 8 Strategic Initiatives to drive innovations in processes, products and services to achieve our ambition of being a New Generation Digital Champion by 2021
Prism endorsement across ASEAN and South Asia

Ranked No. 2 regional telecommunications provider by customer base

Strong Sustainability Framework applied across The Group
Core Values embraced across the Group
Axiata Engagement Model

Delivering excellent customer service

Net Promoter Score


  • No. 1 in four markets
  • No. 2 in two markets
Brand Equity Score


  • No. 1 in three markets
  • No. 2 in two markets
  • No. 3 in one market
  • Strong to Dominant on the Brand Equity Index in all markets
Social Reputation Score


  • Most talked about brands in three markets
  • Strong brand presence in other markets

Awards & Accolades

Axiata Group

  • PwC Building Trust Awards 2017 Runner Up
  • ACCA Malaysia Sustainability Reporting Awards (MaSRA) 2017 - 2nd Runner Up

XL Axiata

  • Indonesia Prestige Brand Award 2017 for Brand Used Most Often
    • ‘XL’ brand in Mobile Phone Operator category
    • ‘AXIS’ in Internet Service Provider category
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2017

Robi Axiata

  • GSMA Glomo Award 2017
  • Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Award

Celcom Axiata

  • Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Excellence Awards 2017

Smart Axiata

  • Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards 2017
  • IDG ASEAN Awards

Ncell Axiata

  • Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards 2017
  • Telecom Asia Awards 2017

Dialog Axiata

  • SLIM-Nielson PEOPLE’s Awards 2017


  • Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards 2017

Axiata Digital

  • IDC Digital Transformation Awards - BIMA

Creating Value through National Contribution And Social Development

Social & Relationship Capital

Social & Relationship Capital

Social and Relationship Capital covers our relationships with our stakeholder groups.

Key Inputs
  • As we strive to strengthen our relationships with our various stakeholder groups, Axiata’s commitment is to improve the lives of communities throughout Asia through social responsibility programmes, and enabling greater digital and financial inclusion. Through sustained national contributions, the Group supports the socioeconomic development of the 11 countries our businesses operate in.
Activities & Processes to Create Value
  • Participants in GSMA’s Connected Women Commitment Initiative
  • Designing products under the 4A Model of Affordability, Availability, Applicability and Accessibility to reach untapped markets and to provide ease of access to network coverage
  • Focusing on digital inclusivity though the development of specific services to meet the needs of all communities
National Contribution
GDP Contribution
USD15.9 billion

GDP Contribution for 2017

Jobs Across Asia

Directly and indirectly supported more than

1.0 million

Jobs Across Asia in 2017

Financial Inclusion
Customer Boost
~2.2 million

customers: >11,000 payment touchpoints

Customer BIMA
3.8 million

customers in Cambodia, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka

Digital Inclusion
Over 400,000 farmers

registered on Dialog’s ‘Govi Mithuru’ service

Social Responsibility
Axiata Young Talent Programme
Axiata Young Talent Programme
1,366 individuals impacted
RM51.4 million spend since 2011
XL Future Leaders
XL Future Leaders

Over 50,000 students reached since 2012

Bumiputera Empowerment Agenda
Bumiputera Empowerment Agenda
RM590 million physical distribution by Bumiputera distributors + 3,886 Bumiputera dealers
69% of spend equivalent to RM951 million on Bumiputera companies
Celcom’s Vendor Development Programme
50 Bumiputera
companies since 2014

Creating Value Through Innovation And Connectivity

Manufactured Capital

Manufactured Capital

Manufactured Capital comprises the infrastructure that is available, built and utilised to create value.

Key Inputs
  • Axiata’s triple core businesses depend on our vast regional network of physical Tower Infrastructure and Digital Platform assets, providing reliable digital and communications coverage to the populations of the 11 countries we have presence in. The Group is continuously harnessing the potential of new technological advancements to further the reach and quality of our network.
Activities & Processes to Create Value
  • Maintaining operational efficiency
  • Increasing capex from RM6.1 billion in 2016 to RM6.3 billion in 2017
  • Focusing capex investment on regional network expansion
  • Enhancing network quality through adoption of new technologies

Expanding our coverage within our regional footprint

Population coverage of

1.3 million


Adopting new technology to enhance quality of network coverage


4G population coverage

Connects Underserved Areas in Indonesia with High Throughput Satellite Coverage

Satellite Coverage

Launched in 2017,

which integrates the short-tail and long-tail businesses of MIFE, IdeaMart & WSO2.Telco


added 700 towers

to tower portfolio through acquisition of Tanzanite Tower Private Limited in Pakistan

to add 13,000 more towers to portfolio with the completion of the acquisition of Deodar Private Limited in Pakistan in the second quarter of 2018

Creating Value through Innovative Energy Saving Infrastructure

Natural Capital

Natural Capital

Our Natural Capital covers energy and other natural resources used to operate and maintain our networks.

Key Inputs
  • To equip our regional businesses and operational systems with digital technologies and processes, Axiata’s network enhancements and improvements focus on minimising our impact on the environment. The Group’s environmental capital improvements hinges on a carbon reduction strategy and optimising energy requirements for our regional network operations through design innovations and renewable energy sources.
Activities & Processes to Create Value
  • edotco introduces innovative energy saving tower designs to reduce the Group’s carbon footprint
  • Powering sites with alternative energy sources under edotco’s Get Out Of Diesel (GOOD) programme
  • Using Remote Monitoring Systems like echo to measure energy parameters of sites and ensure optimised operations
Carbon Reduction Strategy

Introducing optimised tower design 25%-29% reduction in carbon footprint

Remote Monitoring System (echo) Monitoring & Ensuring Optimised Operation

Powering sites through renewable energy sources; ~25% reduction per site

Installation of additional

200 solar
10 wind

turbine sites in 2017


renewable energy sites

* The 70% carbon emission based on steel structure vs. bamboo structure

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