Nurturing Future Leaders

Nurturing Future Digital Leadership

Group Talent Management Framework

Group & OpCo Talent Councils

  • Oversee talent development aligned to our organisational transformation and aspiration
  • Data driven analytics for insights and talent development
  • Identify, assess and develop talents for future senior management and managerial roles
  • Regular performance review and assessment of talents

Group Accelerated Development Programme

OpCo Accelerated Development Programme

  • Structured leadership development
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Leadership readiness assessments
  • Cross-functional and cross-country assignments

Transforming to a Modern, Agile, Digital Organisation

The development of digital talent is central in driving our digital transformation towards being a Modern, Agile and Digital (M.A.D) organisation. We are focused on transforming the culture and mindset at every level of our organisation. We encourage employees to apply agility and adaptability in problem solving, serving our customers and working with our vendors.

As our industry evolves in the era of digital disruption, our employees need to understand the risk of not adopting new skills and be quick to seize opportunities. We conducted focus groups and engaged with all employees to understand their aspirations and provided experiential experiences to kick-start the cultural shift. We are committed to investing USD6 million over the next three years to scale up employees’ digital expertise through certification, training and development.

Digital mindset leadership

Transformation of an organisation begins at the highest level of management. Adoption of new leadership mentality, building partnerships across different business cores, capitalising on internal synergies to bring innovation for our customers are crucial to successful transformation. Chief Executives Officers from across the Group attended a three-day customised programme at the IMD Business School. The programme provided an in-depth analysis of successful large-scale transformation, and inspired them to kick-start this process in their respective OpCos.

We launched a Pathbuilders programme for all Senior Leadership Teams (SLT) to help them build confidence in their digital knowledge and abilities. The three-day hands-on programme took the SLTs through an innovation design thinking process to create digital products and solutions.

Getting everyone On-board

We organised our first ‘Digital Jam’ to immerse employees in a digital environment, and to offer employees a glimpse of Axiata’s future as a digital champion. Orchestrated by a chatbot, employees worked on tasks and assignments to discover their digital skills several weeks prior to the actual day. On the day of the ‘Digital Jam’, engagement sessions with leadership teams were organised to gain insights into the Group’s digital ambition. Employees also had hands on experience in building digital solutions to enhance productivity and solve business problems.

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Keep Getting Better

Empowering employees with access to

Access to thousands of courses for customised learning

35% growth in active users over the first six months

Time spent per employee was higher than the benchmark average

courses completed

Topics on “Agile Teams” ranked among four of the top
videos watched

Recognising Performance

All employees have an annual development plan. This involves a conversation with managers twice a year to understand their performance against agreed targets, and progress towards career goals. Employees are also measured on how they have demonstrated UIEP values in their job role.

In 2018, we will streamline the performance management process to align with our business transformation agenda. The new performance management process will focus on the performance of the Group and teams, and how well we have developed our employees. All senior leaders will have a KPI to demonstrate how they drive a modern, agile and digital team.

The annual Axiata Champion Programme recognises the top 0.5% employees across the Group. These high performing employees are rewarded annually with a trip to a destination and an experience of a lifetime.

Creating Future CEOs

Nurturing Future Leaders

The Axiata Young Talent Programme (AYTP) was launched in 2011 with a seed fund of RM100 million over 10 years. The programme aims to nurture and foster the development of socially responsible and competent young adults, instilled with values, attitudes and leadership skills of future CEOs in the region.

The AYTP is anchored on a holistic framework centred on emotional intelligence at its foundation, supported by three critical competencies of leadership. Tailored and delivered for youth in each market, the programme has reached over 50,000 students in Malaysia and Indonesia. Our ambition is to replicate the AYTP model in all our markets.

The Secondary Leadership Development Programme (SLDP) is a five-year programme with students at Kolej Yayasan Saad Melaka. Since 2011, the programme has supported students to develop critical thinking, and nurture their leadership competencies over six annual activityfilled weekends.

In 2017, the first batch of 26 students graduated having completed five years of the SLDP programme. As part of their graduation, they were required to develop and perform community service projects. The winning team conducted workshops to increase employability skills and built a library for children from a refugee community.

The University Leadership Development Programme (ULDP) is a two-week summer programme designed for top Malaysian undergraduates studying in universities around the world. Participants undergo immersive business simulations, personal reflection, team-building, and workshops before competing in the CEO Challenge.

In 2017, 78 university students underwent the ULDP. The winning team of the CEO Challenge developed an app that gamifies and sharpens productivity habits and skills.

The Young Adult Leadership Development Programme (YLDP) is a two-year leadership development programme for Malaysian working adults aged 23-28 years old. Over two years, the eight boot camps allow YLDP participants to undergo workshops and engagement sessions with Axiata’s management team; online learning, and running business simulations.

In 2017, the current group of 65 young adults worked with eight state agencies in Malacca to understand and design innovative sustainability projects to address a local issue. Over eight weeks, the YLDP teams worked with their respective agencies to deliver a project that left a positive impact on targeted communities.

The AYTP Alumni Association ensures the long-term diffusion of the ethos of the programme. Governed by an annually elected council, the association focuses on promoting personal and professional development, as well as strengthening the bond between members through numerous activities.

XL Future Leaders

The XL Future Leaders (XLFL) Programme is one of Indonesia’s most comprehensive and longest running youth leadership programme. Modelled on the fundamental principles of the AYTP, the programme is localised to the Indonesian context and delivered through three channels. XLFL has reached university students spanning from Aceh in the east to Papua in the west. Since its launch in 2012, the programme has reached over 50,000 students.

XLFL Global Leaders

The XLFL Global Leaders programme is a two-year development programme targeted at top university talents. With an annual acceptance rate of less than 2%, 150 second-year university students are selected. Students travel and gather in six cities over ten weekends to be part of an enriching programme.

XLFL Scholarship

The XLFL Scholarship focuses on bright and talented final year university students from disadvantaged families. The scholarship for 100 students provides a monthly stipend, and covers the travel cost of attending two workshops.

XLFL E-Learning Portal

We ensure everyone has the opportunity to learn leadership skills by making the entire XLFL programme available online. Since its launch, the open platform has had over 20,000 users, with a completion rate of 95%.

Culture of Integrity & Performance

Driving a Culture of Integrity & Performance


Always doing the right thing and fulfilling promises made to earn the trust of our stakeholders.

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of lawful and ethical conduct, and in demonstrating honesty, fairness and accountability in all our dealings


• The Group Board Audit Committee ensures the independence and robust processes


• Whistle Blowing Policy
• Multiple reporting channels for anyone to report


• The Group Internal Auditor leads investigation team


• Sign Code of Conduct
• Annual UI training
• Part of overall annual performance


Always pushing ourselves to deliver benchmarked outstanding performance.

We are determined to be the winner, leader and best-in-class in what we do. Whilst we are tough with performance standards, we are compassionate with people – we call it Performance with a Heart

Hire the best

• Hire the best people in the market for the right opportunity
• People that fit our shared values and culture

Deliver exceptional results

• Set stretch targets for all
• Efficient work systems allow focus on delivering results

Pay & Rewards

• Benchmark salaries of top talent
• Exceptional performers are incentivised significantly higher

Learning & Development

• Identify and fast track talents to leadership roles
• Online learning platforms for everyone to learn at their pace

Diversity & Inclusivity

Celebrating Diversity & Inclusiveness

We celebrate the diversity that 27,000 employees from across 11 countries brings to our organisation. Being diverse and inclusive drives a sustainable business. It allows us to better connect and understand our customers, vendors and stakeholders. As we drive towards being a Modern, Agile and Digital organisation, our talent pool will be even more diverse as we bring in expertise from different industries for new insights into our transforming business.

We believe in investing in the local talent of countries where we are present. Our 7:2:1 principle ensures a balance of local leadership with an infusion of external talents to drive innovation and creativity. We endeavour to create a work environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully. All employees have equal access to opportunities and resources in which they can contribute to the success of the Group. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards unfair treatment and discrimination.

Composition of Employee




(7 Local. 2 Foreign. 1 External)

Women in Senior Leadership Positions

Equal Pay
Equal Work

months maternity leave
(Corporate Centre)

Conducive Workplace

Ensuring a Safe and Engaging Workplace

We are committed to providing our employees with an engaging and safe working environment. We promote a culture that is open and welcoming of new ideas. Employees are proactively encouraged to give their views to continuously enhance the working conditions for all.

We respect and uphold international human rights, and the International Labour Organisation Core Labour Standards. We ensure compliance with national and local labour laws on age, working hours, social insurance and working conditions. These rights are reflected both in our Code of Conduct and the Supplier Code of Conduct. We will comply with the highest standards consistent with applicable laws when relevant laws are absent or there is a legal conflict.

Freedom of association & collective bargaining

We respect the rights of employees to associate and to collectively bargain in accordance with national laws. We currently recognise union representation in Ncell (82.9%) and Celcom (4.6%)

No discrimination

We have a zero-tolerance policy on unfair treatment and discrimination. Any discrimination based on race, religion, political opinion, membership in political group, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, disability or age is in non-compliance against our Code of Conduct

No child or forced labour

We do not tolerate child and forced labour in our direct operations and our supply chain

Highly engaged employees

Axiata’s annual Employee Engagement Survey (EES) allows us to obtain feedback from our employees. Conducted by an independent third-party, findings from the survey are shared with Management and all employees, and follow-up sessions are conducted with staff via focus groups

Key highlights from 2017 EES

• Overall score is higher than industry norm and within global high performing companies
• Sustainable Engagement Index 87%, a 1% YoY increase
• UIEP 90%, a 3% YoY increase
• Ethics 84%, a 4% YoY increase
• High Performance 74%, a 2% YoY increase

Digital engagement platform

We launched the “Workplace” platform to encourage employees to break organisational silos and to have visibility of the larger Group

• The platform connects employees over three time zones and six countries
• Share best practices, promote collaboration, and strengthens engagement
• An average monthly engagement of over 60% of employees
• In 2018, we will expand engagement by utilising online tools to enhance business productivity

Healthy and Safety

A Health and Safety Committee (HSC) is present across all our operations. Comprising management and employees, the HSC develops and reviews health and safety policies and procedures Improvement programmes are identified and rolled out. The HSC also organised and rolled out wellness programmes to improve the well-being of all employees

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