Environment Management

Reducing our Carbon Emissions

edotco Group spearheads our efforts to reduce the Group’s carbon footprint. The Group has committed to a carbon reduction of 40% by the end of 2018 against a baseline of 2013. Our efforts towards this commitment will be quantified, reviewed and reported at the end of 2018 before setting a new goal in line with industry peers.

Since 2016, the Group has conducted carbon life-cycle assessment of its towers and explored different options to reduce carbon emissions. We have explored site optimisation by building leaner and lighter structures, designed towers constructed from alternative materials, increased the use of renewable energy, and reduced diesel consumption.

Digitalising Operations
Reducing Reliance on Fossil Fuel

Installed an additional

200 solar

light weight wind turbine

renewable energy and alternative material sites

lithium ion

at poor grid and off-grid sites

free cooling

to completely or partially switch off air-conditioners at indoor sites

Axiata Group’s Energy and Carbon Performance 2017

In 2017, our GHG emission was over 6 million tonnes CO2e. Our largest emission is from our Indonesian operations which accounts for over 90% of total emissions. We have seen a significant increase in our annual emissions due to expansion of our network and increase in data traffic through our servers. In 2018, we will review our GHG accounting disclosure that are aligned to industry’s best practices.

Direct energy consumption

766,291 GJ

Indirect energy consumption

27,169,204 GJ

Scope 1 - GHG from fuel

53,852 tonnes CO2e

Scope 2 - GHG from grid

6,079,552 tonnes CO2e

Disaster Management & Response

Developing Effective Disaster Management and Response

Mobile networks are a vital lifeline during times of disasters and emergencies. Our network connects displaced communities, reconnect families, and provide vital situational updates for government agencies and non-government organisations.

We are signatory to the GSMA Humanitarian Connectivity Charter. The Charter aims to strengthen access to communication and information for people affected by disasters in order to reduce the loss of life and positively contribute to humanitarian response. We are committed to supporting the three principles of the Charter where we operate.


Disaster Response Readiness

Business Continuity Management (BCM) policy and plan in all OpCos


Early Warning System

Ncell and Dialog sent over 8 million early warning SMS to warn of impending floods in 2017

Over 1,000 weather alerts and updates on Dialog’s Disaster Early Warning System

Over 16.6 million free SMS sent by Ncell customers post-disaster

Ncell activated the 9008 emergency contact number to support customers by relaying messages to their loved ones during the disaster

Ncell increased the credit limit and opened free balance transfer for ‘Saapati’ customers to support emergency communications during disaster


Disaster Relief Partnerships

over three years. Axiata Group’s sponsorship of Mercy Malaysia’s humanitarian missions to countries where we have a presence

Launched relief and medical missions to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka post Cyclone Mona

edotco Group’s humanitarian mission
• Installed 69 hand-water pumps which supplied water to over
3,000 individuals living in Jamalpur and Nilphamari districts in Bangladesh

Dialog matched donations by customers to the Seneha Siyapatha Fund. The LKR57.5 million collected was channeled towards construction of 37 homes

Corporate Responsibility

Partnering for Sustainable Development

With our significant presence in ASEAN and South Asia, we recognise the responsibility we have to support local communities above and beyond our core services. In each of our operations, we support many causes and needs based on the national context. Our support drives a broader mission of being a partner to Advancing Asia to meet the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals. Below are highlights of some of our projects with partners.

edotco Group’s “Tower to Community”

“Tower to Community” is edotco Group’s commitment to improving the lives of communities living near our towers. In 2016, a pilot project was launched in Bangladesh to provide electricity to communities living near five of our towers.

Supplied electricity from
tower sites to local communities

355 families
13 mosques
12 schools
30 water purification pumps installed for families

Commitment to connect 1,000 families by 2018

Investment in Scholarship

Dialog’s Merit Scholarship provides monthly bursaries to top-performing students in the General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level and Advanced Level Examinations, from all 25 districts.

The annual SmartEdu Scholarship awards Cambodia’s 20 most talented students with a bursary of USD15,000 per scholar to cover university and living allowances. Ten scholarships are awarded to students studying ICT.

Since 2014, the Ncell Scholarship and the Ncell Excellence Awards recognise 16 top students studying Electronics, Electrical and Computer Engineering. Each scholarship awarded carries a purse of NPR100,000.

Ncell’s partnership with Gham Power Nepal Pvt. Ltd

In 2016, Ncell undertook the anchor load of solar power generated by three microgrids of Gham Power to power two base stations in two rural villages of Okhaldhunga and Khotang districts. Excess power from the micro-grids has been used for electrification of rural communities, creating new economic opportunities and social benefits for the people.

Impact of Project Reported by GSMA

44% increase in smartphone ownership

32% increase in mobile internet usage

32% increase in refrigerator ownership by small restaurants, leading to direct and indirect economic benefits

Dialog’s Dengue Reporting App

Dialog partnered with Veta (Pvt) Ltd to launch an app in response to Sri Lanka’s worst dengue outbreak. The app provides real-time information for authorities and communities to mitigate and manage the spread of the dengue virus. Customers can use the app to report dengue breeding sites, suspected cases, or to confirm a case. There are over 12,000 registered users across Sri Lanka contributing to the platform.

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