Axiata Group Berhad Honoured with Frost & Sullivan 2009 Asia Pacific ICT Award for Best Telecom Group of the Year


Kuala Lumpur 4th June, Axiata Group Berhad (formerly known as TM International Berhad) ("Axiata"), was awarded Frost & Sullivan's 2009 Asia Pacific ICT Award for Best Telecom Group of the Year. The award is an acknowledgement of the Group's strong presence and continued success in the region's telecommunications market. Dato' Sri Jamaludin Ibrahim, President and Chief Executive Officer of Axiata said "It is a great honour to be recognised by Frost & Sullivan in this category given the players in the region. We are in Asia because we believe in its growth potential and in our greater purpose towards Advancing Asia. We understand and are committed to the region and know what it takes to be a regional champion"

To qualify for the award companies were studied on their revenues, market share, capabilities and overall contribution to the industry. Shortlisted companies were interviewed, and the data collected compared with proprietary Frost & Sullivan resources, as well as secondary research available from public sources

Among the factors that enabled Axiata to win this award was its impressive revenue growth in 2008, led by Indonesia and India which posted 45% and 53% growth respectively. Strong growth is expected to continue with the Group's 2008 expansion in the Indian market, via its investment in Idea Cellular. This strategic investment, will lead to increased exposure to one of the fastest growing markets in the region, with an average growth of 10 million subscribers a month, bringing with it substantial benefits.

"With Asia Pacific's mobile penetration rate standing at a mere 48.5% at the end of 2008 there is significant subscriber and revenue growth to come in the region. As such several telecom operators have invested outside their national borders to tap this immense opportunity. Axiata Group is one such company which has built a strong portfolio including investments in ten markets in the region, many of which are among the world's fastest growing. Fuelled by a stellar year in Indonesia Axiata Group witnessed strong subscriber and revenue growth outside its home market, and has taken steps in other markets such as India to ensure future operating success. For the reasons stated above Frost & Sullivan is pleased to award Axiata Group Berhad with the 2009 Asia Pacific Telecom Group of the Year Award" said Marc Einstein, Industry Manager Asia Pacific ICT Practice, Frost & Sullivan.

Axiata has had an eventful journey – from an international division within Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) to its incorporation as a private listed company and then onwards to its demerger. Axiata has blazed a path for Malaysian telcos across the region; from 6 million customers to nearly 90 million across 10 countries, in a matter of 5 years, making Axiata one of the largest mobile players in South East Asia.

"Axiata is a company with purpose. As a Group with a wide regional footprint we are bringing unmatchable, affordable and relevant services, beyond the telecommunications sphere, which is aligned to Axiata's broader purpose of advancing Asia. These factors have enabled us to stand out in the market and we have been duly recognised", Dato' Sri Jamaludin Ibrahim concluded.



About Axiata


Axiata is one of the largest Asian telecommunication companies, focused in high growth low penetration emerging markets. Axiata has controlling interests in mobile operators in Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Cambodia with significant strategic stakes in India, Singapore and Iran. India and Indonesia are amongst the fastest growing markets in the world. In addition, the Malaysian grown holding company has stakes in non mobile telecommunication operations in Thailand and Pakistan.

The Group's mobile subsidiaries and associates operate under the brand name ‘Celcom' in Malaysia, ‘XL' in Indonesia, ‘Dialog' in Sri Lanka, ‘AKTEL' in Bangladesh, ‘HELLO' in Cambodia and ‘Idea' in India, ‘M1' in Singapore and ‘MTCE' in Iran (Esfahan).

As of December 2008, The Group's, including its subsidiaries and associates, has over 90 million mobile subscribers in Asia. The Group revenue for 2008 was RM11.3 billion. The Group provides employment to over 25,000 people across Asia. Axiata's vision is to be a regional champion by 2015 by piecing together the best throughout the region in connectivity, technology and people, uniting them towards a single goal: Advancing Asia.

Axiata Group Berhad was awarded the Frost & Sullivan 2009 Asia Pacific ICT Award for Best Telecom Group