Beyond Short-Term Profits

Being a long-term operator in each of our OpCo countries, our focus and attention has always been on long-term investments. These investments have made significant contributions to the economies of the countries we operate in. 

As a long-term operator in each of our operating countries, we are focused on making investments that create value over the long-term and not necessarily in the immediate- or short-term. Through our investments, we have contributed significantly to the local economies of our operating countries.

Our investments are providing increased connectivity in voice and messaging services, as well as digital services that create value for communities. Wherever possible, we support the development of digital ecosystems and play a leading role in growing and influencing global mobile trends.

As a member of the GSMA, we are helping pioneer mobile innovations that empower and enrich communities, especially those underserved by the existing digital community. Towards promoting digital inclusivity in remote and rural areas, we have diversified our products and services providing affordable, accessible and available digital products for communities from challenging socio economic backgrounds.